"Fresh Poultry"

Hand-Colored Prints
by Roylynn Evans
Fresh Poultry began in 1987 with a few hand colored prints and has grown into a series of 23 such prints presently. Roylynn has marketed these throughout the United States through galleries and art festivals. In 1992, the Providence Sunday Journal published a story on the Texas artist while he was exhibiting his Chickens in nearby Narraganset, RI. The unique brand of wit displayed in this series has made them well received everywhere.
There are 23 hand-colored prints available in the Fresh Poultry series by Roylynn. They have an image size of 10 3/4' x 7 3/4" and are matted to 14" x 11". They are available matted and shrink wrapped for $22. or framed in a metal frame with glass for $45. Exceptions are "A Chicken in Every Pot" and "Spring Chickens" which are 16" x 10" and are matted to 20" x 14" and sell for $25. or framed in metal for $50. Note cards are also available in 3 different assortments of 4 cards & envelopes for $6/pkg. E-mail Roylynn for a brochure/price list.
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Going to Bed With the Chickens
Picking up Chicks
Laying Hen
Eggless Presley
Poultry in Motion
Chicken and Dumpings
Sweet and Showered Chicken
Chicken Strips
Fowl Ball
Grilled Chicken
Southwest Grilled Chicken
Spring Chickens
Poolside Poultry
Chicken Coupes
Cock Fight
Chicken Pot Spies
NEW FOR 2007
Eggspress Chickout
A Chicken in Every Pot